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Texas Fuelbote was established in 2022 with the mission to bring a high-quality fuel delivery service to the Highland Lakes area. Our vision for this service is to stop the accidental spills when fueling from gas cans and provide reliable service to waterfront boat owners and marinas while they waste no time to enjoy the investment of lake front living. 

With years of being in the marine industry, we strive to improve the ease and convenience of all things lake-life. That's when we came across Fuelbote, based in Wisconsin. 

Lake LBJ, Inks, Marble Falls, and Travis residents sign up as a customer for TX FB delivery service and can request the TX FB operator to fill their boats by using the app, phone, text or emailing. The customer is then billed like other waterfront services. TX FB does NO “concession” sales of fuel or products on the water. The “sale” takes place on the internet, app or at the customers home exactly like a dock sale, boat lift sale, rip rap sale, etc. All of these “sales” are not done on the water but the “delivery” after that sale occurs on the water. 

We pride ourselves on offering a superior experience and in the long-term relationships we build with our customers.

What's more convenient than showing up to your lake house to all of your watercraft being fueled up and ready to go?! Contact us and try for yourself!

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