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Safety & Advantages of  Texas Fuelbote
  • The vessel conforms with all NFPA codes.

  • The vessel has met all USCG inspection needs.

  • All fully trained and insured captains.

  • No more fuel spills in our waterways.

  • No more marinas without gas service. Texas Fuelbote can provide it.

  • No more damage to vessels docking for gas.

  • No underground or above ground tanks needed along the shoreline.

  • No environmental eyesores or tank leakage dangers.

  • No more dangerous fuel cans to carry for property owners.

  • No more need to burn more fuel driving to a marina needlessly.

  • No more hassle for the boaters. Their boat is always fueled and ready.

  • No more waiting in line at the fuel dock while they would rather be boating.

  • No more fuel spilled on boats. 

  • No more fueling vessels with passengers on board per NFPA rule.

  • The vessel has the bright colors of a gas can and a constant flashing light for safety and identification.

  • Fuel transfer speeds are generally at 8 gallons per minute.

Fuelbote Facts

  • While TX FB will not offer "float and fill" or emergency refueling at this time, our customers can expect reliable gas delivery serviced by a state-of-the-art fueling system to provide dripless fuel transfer from a fully anchored purpose built vessel.  

  • The Fuelbote operation is in full compliance with NFPA 30 and 30A, including the additional NFPA regulation that all passengers be disembarked during fueling operations. Nearly all existing marinas DO NOT comply with this NFPA rule.

  • This vessel was extensively reviewed for compliance, structure, engineering, electrical and dispensation systems.

  • TX FB will only operate in daylight hours. The vessel will move along the shoreline at a maximum of 7 MPH, approach a dock and spud anchor down prior to refuel boats that must always be moored or on a lift to conform to accepted marine fueling practice as described by the USCG Code of Federal Regulations.

  • The Fuelbote is in full compliance with all DOT HAZMAT TRANSPORT regulations, as well as the drivers while transporting.

  • Each customer is notified of gallons pumped, charged via securely saved credit card immediately upon completion of refuel and sent a receipt.